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Engineering Leadership is no joke. It’s hard!

Here are some challenges I hear from clients. Do any of these resonate?

You wake up (sometimes in the middle of the night) and the first thing you do is check your email for a crisis.

Your calendar is packed full of meetings. Sometimes, your most important work has to happen at lunch or after 5 pm.

Your 1:1 meetings with your team aren’t “right.” Either you’re too soft or too stern. You want to lead with empathy but don’t know how. Ultimately, you need to deliver high-quality products on time - or it’s your head.

Your to-do list just keeps growing. You never seem to get ahead of it. Forget about getting through your email. There’s a constant pressure in your chest that never seems to find relief.

Your daily emotional state is a blend of overwhelm, exhaustion, and frustration (mostly with yourself). You feel like you’re smarter and better than this. Why can’t you put the pieces together?

Your team is often thrown under the bus. You’re doing the things to move the needle but the team isn’t “gelling.”

Your star team member resigned. You have a brilliant jerk on your team who steals the show.

Your teams are not delivering on time and at the right level of quality. The engineering leaders don’t know how to communicate the technical reasons you’re delayed, so the non-technical teams think your delays are unjustified.

You’re interested in DEI and you think it’s important but you have no structure to follow, and with your current level of overwhelm, it gets heaped into the “someday soon” pile.

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My work isn’t just about DEI, it’s about leading engineers who win the future of tech.

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Here are a few of the wins you can expect in working with me.

Advance Your Career

Advance Your Career

  • Get on track for a promotion
  • Become a sought-after leader
  • Choose your projects
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Build High-Performance Teams

  • Scale your team
  • Build an inclusive, happy team culture
  • Retain Top Employees
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Excel at Self-management

  • Take back your time
  • Be more productive
  • Discover unconscious bias
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Master Inclusive Leadership

  • Demonstrate allyship
  • Be vulnerable and respected
  • Hear everyone's perspectives
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Hit Company Success Metrics

  • Get executive buy-in
  • Increase technical throughput
  • Build better products

How does private coaching work?

Step 1

Define Your Top Goals & Priorities

First, we uncover the real issues and address the mindset errors and strategic gaps that are keeping you stuck.

Step 2

Define Your Success Path & Potential Pitfalls

Then, we redefine what success looks like and develop a strategic plan to accomplish your goals.

Step 3

Execute Your Strategic Plan & Tailor as We Go

Accomplish our plan with once-a-week coaching sessions & asynchronous support, as needed.

Plus, talk to me any time Monday - Thursday with unlimited Slack support.

I truly hold space for my clients and to be able to do that fully, I take on very few. You’ll have my undivided attention throughout our coaching engagement.

My Coaching Style

If you like kind, nonjudgmental feedback, along with concrete insights, strategies, and action plans, you’ll love my coaching style.

Engineers are often quite practical. We like to measure our progress. So whether we’re focused on high-performance team building, empathetic, inclusive leadership, or both, you’ll find I enjoy translating insights into actions you can implement right away.

When you hire me as your executive coach, you’ll have a trusted confidant and resource by your side, someone who’s “been there”, to empathize and strategize with you. I’ll offer Executive Coaching, Technical Advisory, and an empathetic Accountability Partnership to support you in reaching your goals.

Ready to talk shop
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All The Details

6-Month 1:1 Coaching Package

  • Two 50-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions per month - We will deep dive into your personalized action plan and make it a reality!  
  • 2 30-min SOS Sessions - Additional support as needed, when you need it!
  • Unlimited Slack Support Mon - Thurs - Answer any questions that come up between sessions!
  • Regular accountability checkins to ensure you are staying on track!  



pay in full

(a $600 discount over the monthly price!)


6 * $2000

monthly installments

Oh P.S. Who should pay for this?

For C-Suite, VPs, & Directors

Executive Coaching is usually paid for out-of-pocket since the investment is recouped via promotions, salary increases, bonuses, and other perks that come from improving team performance.

For Managers+

Executive Coaching is often an out-of-pocket expense but may sometimes be covered by your company’s L&D, HR, or professional development budget, since the company is vested in developing your skills at the earlier stages of your career.

During our initial consultation, I can provide you with several free resources to advocate for yourself in securing a corporate stipend to cover the cost of your coaching investment, should finances be a hurdle for you! Simply mention this during our strategy call.

Book a free 45-minute strategy call to learn more!