I empower engineering leaders to build inclusive and diverse teams that thrive in today's constantly changing world.

After almost leaving the tech industry entirely in 2018, Jossie Haines realized that if she walked away she'd be losing the ability to impact the future and create a world where technology solves real world problems and takes into account the needs of women and underrepresented minorities. As a leadership & DEI coach, fractional CTO/VPE, and public speaker, Jossie Haines is on a mission to keep women in tech. She empowers technology leaders to leverage empathetic leadership as a framework for developing inclusive and diverse teams that thrive in today's constantly changing world.

Technology impacts all aspects of our daily lives, yet it does not fully address the needs of women or underrepresented minorities. The data shows that having diverse teams does not just feel good, it can also positively impact the bottom-line concerning revenue and product innovation.

Unfortunately, we've had a revolving door in the tech industry for over 30 years, the diversity numbers haven't moved and 37% of tech leavers say they have left due to unfair treatment. In so many cases the cause is usually death by a thousand paper cuts. The million little things like having your ideas appropriated, being spoken over, and being asked to grab lunch for the team when you’re the only woman in a meeting. Jossie's mission is to finally move the needle and retain women in tech and change the statistic that 56% of women leave tech after 10-20 years.


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Jossie Haines has spent over 22 years in the tech industry as a software engineering leader at the forefront of emerging consumer technology across Silicon Valley, including management roles at Apple, Tile, Zynga and American Express. She is currently VP of Software Engineering & Head of DEI at Tile where she has grown the engineering team by 45% from 29 to 55 and leads all software engineering efforts across mobile, backend, web, and QA. Previously at Apple she led the Siri music domain team during the development of the HomePod, as well as the Siri media domain team who won a technical Emmy for the Siri on Apple TV integration. She is also an avid public speaker, having given over 60 talks, workshops and podcasts on retaining women in tech, engineering leadership, DEI and on various technologies. She also coaches technology leaders on creating inclusive & diverse workplaces in our constantly changing world.


Talk Topics


Empowering Technology Leaders to Build Inclusive & Diverse Teams

As leaders in the technology space, we have the power and privilege to change the status quo and finally move the needle by taking daily action. We are the ones who are hiring, setting team cultures, deciding team assignments, pay raises, and promotions. By leveraging a 3-pillar framework focused on comprehensive DEI practices, creating inclusive cultures, and implementing effective and fair management practices and principles we can impact true change and finally create technology that solves our real-world problems and fully address the needs of all.

Learning Objectives
- What is DEI and what does it mean to you as a technology leader
- Why is focusing on creating an inclusive and diverse workplace more important than ever
- a 3-pillar framework that empowers you to build inclusive and diverse teams that thrive in today's uncertain world

Diverse and inclusive teams are shown to bring in higher revenues, more innovation, and are more likely to survive a recession. They are also what we need to enable tech to solve real-world problems and truly account for the needs of women and underrepresented minorities. This talk will provide your leaders with the tools they need from inclusive hiring to empathetic leadership to grow and retain inclusive teams that empower your business to thrive.

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Retaining Women in Tech

It’s lonely at the top is a common saying, and it’s even more so for female leaders in the tech industry. 56% of women end up leaving tech after 10-20 years -- this is the Great Resignation we should be talking about. The top reason women leave tech isn't to start a family -- it is inequity and unfair treatment. While moving the needle to create a more inclusive workforce falls also on the shoulders of our male and other allies, we can empower ourselves as well. Jossie Haines will share her story, and the skills women can build on a daily basis to thrive in our male-dominated tech workforce.

Learning Objectives:
- Building and leveraging your network to thrive in tech
- Developing resilience to help shield you from the death by a thousand paper cuts so many women in tech face
- Leveraging self-advocacy and building a personal brand to highlight strengths and open doors

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Moving People

Jossie has been an absolute pleasure to work with for Mogul events centered on DEI in the workplace, particularly in tech. Her expertise in all things DEI mixed with her experience as an engineering leader provides valuable insights that are unmatched! Jossie is not only super knowledgeable about DEI, but passionate as is apparent in all that she does to move the needle for women in tech. I would highly recommend Jossie to lead your next DEI session, or to help you build out inclusive engineering and technical teams at your company.

Jen Durkee
Sr Manager, Global Community Engagement at Mogul


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