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Being an engineering leader is harder than being a regular leader. I should know.

For one, we can’t just hand the C-suite our JIRA dashboard when they ask for a status update. We don’t speak the same language.

That’s why engineering leaders are constantly being asked, “So, what is engineering actually doing?”

We have to communicate differently.

And what about the “guidelines” and standards created for us - like the DORA Metrics - that assume our engineers can work like robots? Not so!

Layer on the fact that engineering teams tend to be the least diverse and inclusive, and it’s no wonder engineering leaders have challenges like:

●  Struggling to retain A-players
●  Low team morale and engagement
●  Sub-optimal productivity
●  Issues with delegating and accurate reporting
●  Building and launching products on-time

As the Former VP of Tile, hailing from a long line of other innovative, large-scale consumer technology companies, I’ve directed, led, and managed thousands of engineers, and here’s what I know:

Engineers are people, too!

That’s why I’ve broken away from my beloved corporate career path to coach, advise, and inspire Engineering Directors, VPs, and CTOs to build high-performing engineering teams: combining the productivity and innovation principles we need with the empathetic, inclusive leadership skills we can’t live without.

Meet Jossie Haines

  Former VP of Tile, Award-Winning Executive Coach

My network jokes that I know just about everyone in tech.

While I haven’t quite met everyone, I do enjoy being a connector. I’m probably most well known for my DE&I advocacy but my technical background is extensive:

20+ Years in Engineering; over a decade in leadership

Technical Emmy Award-Winner for leading the team that developed contextual voice navigation in Siri to discover and interact with Apple TV content

Designed and implemented products & services for 14M active daily users

Experienced in growing and scaling large global engineering teams

Directed mobile, backend, web, windows, and firmware engineering teams throughout the creation and launch of Tile location-finding solutions to millions of consumers

Products I’ve helped develop: Tile, HP Elite Dragonfly, Siri Music, Apple HomePod, Apple TV, Zynga’s FarmVille, ChefVille, and CAFE WORLD, & dozens more

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